What are guest accounts and how can the guest ticket codes be redeemed?

Guest tickets allow you as an exhibitor to invite an unlimited number of contacts to your virtual presence at DMEXCO @home for free. Your guests get free access to your offers and content.

Each of your guests gets free access exclusively to YOUR offers:

  • your live sessions

  • your interactive masterclasses and deep dives

  • your private space in the Virtual Café

  • your brand showroom with video room

As an exhibitor, you benefit from more leads, maximized ROI, more awareness & customer contacts, and increased reach.

Guest tickets are included in every exhibitor’s package and are unlimited.

On our blog we have summarized all information and details regarding the guest tickets: To the blog entry

And this is how to do it:

  1. We have sent you your promo code via e-mail.

  2. Send an email including your promo code to all your contacts or start an advertising campaign.

  3. Your guests “buy” a free guest ticket in the DMEXCO ticket shop.

  4. As soon as DMEXCO @home opens, all your guests will automatically receive an e-mail giving them access to your showroom and content as well as the opportunity to network with you exclusively.

Get startet right away and use our mailing template. Adapt it however you like.