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How can I get in touch with others?

There are many possibilities to get in touch with others within DMEXCO @home. Here are a few insider tipps:

  1. Refresh your personal profile and especially pick those interests that are most important to you. Those interests are key for our intelligent matchmaking feature.
  2. Check the recommendations in the communication center in the "Networking" column.
  3. Connect, chat, call or schedule meetings with interesting people through the communication center.
  4. Use the Networking Graph to find new people:
    1. Choose from exhibitors, attendees or both at the bottom
    2. Set the zoom to expand your horizon
    3. Focus on "Find new people"
    4. Check connections of your connections for intros
    5. Filter by position
    6. Reset the graph when you get bored ;)
  5. Use the Virtual Café to find new people based on topics. Just apply to the Space you're interested in and get going.
  6. Explore the Showfloor to find interesting companies. Use the filter features on top to sort the tiles according to your preferences.

    As DMEXCO @home is in its earliest stages we will continuously add further filtering options!
  7. Exhibitors: Check your back office for
    1. the general visitor database
    2. contact requests
    3. meeting requests
    4. visitors of your exhibitor content

      You won't get hotter leads on your platter than this!